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There are 15 all together but i have ps3 but it's the same so don't woorry the best way too find them is too stay on rooftors and look around with the camera also there are 1 jump challenge on the Empire State Building the strak tower and there is a funny building with a slope sprint up it and jump and there is a jump callenge just as you jump off it hope i could have been of some help.

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Q: Where are all the jump challenges for incredible hulk on playstation 2?
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How do you unlock red Hulk on incredible Hulk game?

You have to complete all the jump challenges to unlock him

Where all fifteen jump challenges in the incredible hulk video game?

i know one is on the Empire state buildind

How do you get professor hulk in the incredible hulk for PS3?

complete all the jump chalenges lol

Where are all of the jump challenge in the incredible hulk game?

Most likely on the rooftops.

Where can you find all of the jump challenges for incredible hulk on ps3?

just go to menu then maps and find your Jump challenge look at all the buildings till you find one i have it for PC but its all the same so bye bye

What are the hulk's powers?

well one is "hulk smash" and the incredible kick i dont know the others.

how hi can hulk jump?

Just jump like hulk and then you have do a hulk jump

Where are comic books 59 and 60 on the incredible hulk ultimate destruction on the GameCube?

try to go to jump markers and find them

How do you kill the abomination on the incredible hulk game?

try to jump on the air to the ground by hulk but you should be near to him then you will kill him a little i swear this work on ps2

How do you climb the building on the incredible hulk the video game on level 2 on Wii?

You jump at the building and press the down button on the control pad.

How high can the hulk jump?

Hulk as cool at it will be cannot fly but he can jump 1000 miles if he had the time he did jump 1000 miles trying to reach the stars before Hulk was able to fly once before being hit with to much cosmic energy but ever since then this unknown power of his has not come back

What is a incredible hulk jump challenge?

it's basically a little gold ring spread accross new york. most of them are at the tops of the tallest buil, and there are some that are on the ground.