Where are Webkinz sold?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Go to and go to the store locater. I usually buy mine from CVS, Walgreens and Giant Eagle. I heard they sell webkinz at Walmart too. Webkinz cost about $14 and Lil kinz costs $6.99

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Q: Where are Webkinz sold?
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Is webkinz still beaing sold?

yes webkinz are still being sold

Where do you find the beaver Webkinz?

anywhere where webkinz are sold

Where can you get a Webkinz rooster?

You can get a Rooster where ever webkinz are sold.

Are webkinz sold in Bulgaria?


Where do you find webkinz trading cards?

You can get Webkinz trading cards in most stores where Webkinz are sold.

Where do they sell Webkinz?

Stores will have a sign that will say webkinz sold here. Hallmarks always have webkinz.

Is webkinz peace puppy sold at walmart?

No, it is not because most Webkinz are bot even sold at Walmart I think.

How do you get stuff back that has been sold on Webkinz?

I'm very sorry Items that you have sold can not be bought back from the shop on webkinz.

Are Webkinz sold in toysrus?

Yes, they are.

Are Webkinz sold in Europe?


Can you show a real webkinz code?

I can't post pictures but you can see webkinz codes wherever webkinz are sold.

What Webkinz should you get for the Webkinz extravaGANZa?

The webkinz Extravaganza comes around only once a year. And they change which webkinz can be sold with the price difference.