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Q: Where are Seven dragon ball location on legacy of goku 2?
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Where can you buy dragon-ball z legacy of goku 3?

There is never going to be a Dragon-Ball z legacy of Goku 3 but there is Dragon-Ball Z Buu's Fury which is basically what happens after Dragon-Ball z legacy of Goku 2.

What comes after Dragon Ball Z the legacy of goku 2?

Dragon ball z Buu's fury

The Dragon Ball Z the legacy of goku free download site?

I think you can download Dragon Ball Z - Legacy of Goku 1 And 2 from can also Download more Dragon Ball Z Games......

Dragon Ball gt season 3 when?

there is no season 2 for dragon ball gt only a hero's legacy

Is there a Dragon Ball Z legacy of goku 3?

According to Dragon Ball Wiki, yes, there is one, but it is called Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury. It is still the third part in the trilogy, even though it doesn't have the "Legacy of Goku" title. Source: Dragon Ball Wiki

Where can you buy Dragon Ball Z legacy of goku?

dont no

Where are Dragon Ball Z in Dragon Ball Z legacy of Goku2?

There is a Gt movie called A Hero's Legacy and it is about Goku Jr., and Pan is alive and Goku shows and talks to Goku Jr.

Is Dragon Ball Z legacy of goku for dsi?

I think its yes

What happens to goku after Dragon Ball GT?

You never know except he talks to Goku jr. as an adult in Dragon Ball GT-A Hero's Legacy.

Were can isee Dragon Ball Z 100 years later?

go on youtube and type in last dragon ball gt episode or a hero's legacy

How many seasons there will be of Dragon Ball gt?

two and a movie a hero's legacy

Where can you play dragon ball Z legacy of goku 2 online?