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No. You do not need a golden watering can, to actually make the tree grow it has a higher chance if you put more than just 100 bells in the hole

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Q: When you grow a money tree will it grow better if you have a golden watering can in acww ds?
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Do golden watering cans help trees grow faster on acww ds?


Is it hard to grow money trees on acww ds?

No, You just need a golden shovel and 90,000 bells, bury it, a few days later you will have a money tree

If you run over golden flowers can you kill them on acww ds?


How do you get the golden watering can on acww?

You must have a perfect town for 3 weeks. To get a perfect town make a design( Or use 1 of ur owns) and get to a corner and put 16 down 16 across. There must be 12-15 trees with 4 flowers in that box. ( Do this all over town ) Now pick EVERY weed. U must keep this up for 15/16/17 days and u will be rewarded with the golden watering can

If you have a golden slingshot but you carry on using a normal one can you get more golden slingshots on acww ds?

You can only get one golden slingshot per person.

How do you get a golden fishing rod without catching all the fish on ACWW for ds?

you cant

If you carry on using a normal slingshot when you have got a golden one do you get more golden slingshots on acww ds?

no.At least you shouldn't.

Acww how do you deseed a rock in your house?

get a golden shovel and hit it. it should budge after a few days in the game

How do you get nookway on ACWW?

You have to spend lots of money at the previous stores for Nook to expand!

How often do fruit and money grow on trees in acww?

Every three days.

Can money tree be left outdoors?

to grow a money tree on acww you need to get a golden shovel:buy 2 shovels from tom nook, bury 1 shovel th next day dig it up it will be a golden shovel!.once you have your golden shovel dig a hole a plant how ever many bells you want to grow on it every day the more money the stronger the tree will last!!! so yes kust leave it out doors then!!!!! by mileycyrusno1fan111 xxx

How to get nookway in acww?

To get expansions you have to spend certain amounts of money but I'm not shore how much.