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No, Rhydon will evolve into Rhyperior when traded with a Protector and the Protector will be used up.

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Q: When you give rhydon a protector will it still have it when you trade it?
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When does rhydon evoles?

give the rhydon a protector and then trade the rhydon. it will evolve into a rhyperior. then trade it back.

What does the item protector do in Pokemon?

Well, do you have a Rhydon, because you'll need it if you wnat to put the Protector to use. Give the Protector to a Rhydon and trade it. After the trade is done, the Rhydon will evolve into a Rhyperior.

Who do you give the protector to in Pokemon Black?

You can only give a protector to Rhydon. If you trade a Rhydon while it's holding a protector, it will evolve into a Rhyperior.

How you get rhydon evolve?

you give it a protector and you trade it

How do you evolve rhydon to rhyperior?

You have to have a metal coat and give it to rhydon and ten trade it. dont do that trade a rhydon with a protector to get rhyperior

How can you make rhydon evolve?

give it a Protector and trade it

What person do you trade rhydon to evolve?

Give it the protector and trade with a friend

How do you get a Rhypherior?

get a rhydon and give it a protector then trade it with someone and have them trade it back.

How To Get Rhyperior?

== == Answer get rydon equid an item protector(found on route 228)then trade it How to get a Rhyperior? Well that's quite easy. all you need is: - a Rhydon ( evolves from Rhyhorn at level 42 ) - Protector item found on route 225 - someone to trade your Rhydon holding the protector item. Make Rhydon hold the protector item and trade it with a friend. Rhydon will evolve into a Rhyperior. level it up or use a protector on it and then trade it then it will evolve into ryperior then trade it bak and you have ryperior

What Pokemon loves the protector?

catch a rhydon, give it the protector and trade it it will evolve into rhyperior and you will lose your protector

In Pokemon diamond where can you get rhyperion?

ANSWER: To get Rhyperion you must have Rhydon and a protector the give the protector to rhydon and trade VOILA RHYPERION! Hope thes helps! :)

Who should you give the protector in HeartGold?

Rhydon, if you trade it it will turn into Rhyperior