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yes anything you get from xbox live will stick with your gamer tag but if you are wanting to buy it once for two xboxes that wont work

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2011-09-16 19:49:55
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Q: When you download a DLC to an Xbox 360 can you transfer that DLC to another Xbox 360 by recovering your Gamertag on the second Xbox 360?
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Can you transfer achievements from Gamertag to another Gamertag?

No you cannot.

How do you transfer achievements from one gamertag to another?

sorry you cant ive tried :(

How do you transfer SC from 1 MSP account to another?

To transfer Microsoft Points (not abbreviated SC) from one MSP account to another, you need to log into your account. Next go to messages and select the account you want to transfer the points to and select enter gamertag.

Can you share operation anchorage with different profiles?

ofcorse you can, as long as the profiles are on the xbox you download it on. however, if you download Anchorage and then recover your gamertag onto another xbox360, it wont work.

What is getting another file from another across a network called?

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How do you switch microsoft points from gamertag to another?

You cant.

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How do you get Call of Duty maps from someone else on Xbox 360?

No, you cannot share ther map pack, but you can do the following: A) Use your hard drive on another Xbox 360 console, and use the maps on your own account. B) Recover your gamertag on another console and re-download the maps for free, but you will have to be signed in with the account used to purchase the maps in order to use it. C) Recover your gamertag on another console, purchase the maps, then recover your gamertag on your own console, and re-download the maps. This way you will be able to use the maps with your account and with any account on the other console. Hope this helps.

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How do you transfer VIP on Minecraft to another computer?

All you do is download the launcher on here: Then, you login and your account will be there. Keep in mind, your server list and worlds won't be there unless you transfer them manually.

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