When you beat sensei you get?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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you get the permission to go into the ninja hideout and buy a ninja costume

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Q: When you beat sensei you get?
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On Club Penguin can you beat Sensei if your brown belt?

No, you can only beat Sensei if you are a black belt and have faced him 5-8 times. You can, but it maybe a glitch, I beat sensei at Brown belt, but i did NOT become a ninja.

Can you beat sensei at a brown belt?


In club penguin how do you beat sensei?

You have to use your cards to beat him.

How do you beat sensei?

Once you get your black belt you can beat him Once you start fighting Sensei he will beat you Each time you fight him, Sensei will get weaker and weaker Once you fight hime for the 7th to 10th time you will win and become a ninja

What qualifications does it take to beat sensei in clubpenguin?

you can defeat Sensei if you have black belt. first you have to lose sensei 5 times in sensei mode and then in the 6 time Sensei gets tired and you win him ^^

On club penguin do you have to be a member to beat sensei?


How to beat sensei club penguin?

U should become a black belt to beat the sensei coz he is the only hard person to challange wid

How do you beat sensei on clubpenguin?

In order to beat the Sensei, you have to have the black belt. Second you go up to him and click the second button. Third you battle him. This step may take many tries. After you defeat him, he gives you the black belt mask. That's how you beat the Sensei

Do you have to be a member to beat sensei on club penguin?

Nope, you just need to beat him.

How do you beat fire sensei?

use always fire

Is there a way to beat sensei without the black belt?


How to kill sensei in Club Penguin?

luck maybe it will take 100 hours to beat sensei remember sensei is the computer he knows all of your move the only way to beat sensei is: if you a timer in battle with wait until it counts down i already tried it is win of course you a black belt to sensei then you will become a ninja secret hideout guess who secret.