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Q: When will minecraft 1.2.6 alpha come out?
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What year did Minecraft Alpha come out?

Minecraft Alpha came out in 2009.

When did Minecraft come out on pc?

Minecraft had a 'soft launch' (started as an alpha/beta) some time around 2006, I believe

What year did Minecraft Alpha come?

Minecraft Alpha was in development from June 28th, 2010 until December 3rd, 2010.

How do you work Minecraft alpha?

Minecraft is no longer in the Alpha stage. It has been updated to Minecraft Beta. Update your Minecraft game client.

How do you down grade your Minecraft to alpha?

You need an a jar from alpha stages, which you can get with Minecraft Nostalgia.

Is there a Minecraft delta?

No. The full version of Minecraft will come out after Beta 1.9. Most games have their alpha stages then their beta stages and then the full version comes out.

How do you make maps for Minecraft alpha servers?

You cannot in alpha

I really want minecraft How can you get Minecraft if you have bought it does it come in the mail or do they send a password or what?

If you buy minecraft, it makes it so your account is registered (so when you log on to the site you can play the alpha version).

When will minecraft pe 6.2 alpha come out?

It will come out some time late april to early may they just submitted it to the appstore etc.

How do you do mp of Minecraft alpha?

You can no longer do multiplayer in alpha. Minecraft has moved to Beta now, so there are no more alpha servers. Update the game, and then you can play multiplayer.

How much is Minecraft alpha?

Minecraft Alpha is no longer on sale, the whole game is fully out. You can get it at the website for about 30 dollars USD.

What is the difference between Minecraft beta and Minecraft alpha?

Alpha was an earlier version on minecraft beta, it has poorer graphics, less blocks and far fewer crafting recipes.