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April 2008 but i heard sometime around April 12th

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Q: When will Pokemon season 11 air in English?
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What season of Pokemon has typhlosion in it?

From Season 11 and up

Will the Pokemon movie 11 be in English too?

i am not sure really but i looked on a list of Pokemon season 11 episodes and it said tv movie: giratina and the sky boaquet of the sky:shaymin in between episode 34 and 35

When does Season 11 of Pokemon Start?


When does season 11 of Pokemon airing?

season 11 begins in august 2008 and misty will return from what I've heard.....she will have new Pokemon like finneon and others! Dawn will still be in the series but I've heard she is leaving in the 12th season 11 I believe Max and/or may will visit and max will have Pokemon and battle ash! I can't wait!

How old is ash ketchum in Pokemon season 12?


When is season 11 of Pokemon coming out on DVD in the UK?

in December 10

When does Smallville season 8 episode 11 air on England?

on thursdays 11-12

When does season 11 of degrassi start?

Season 11 of Degrassi will start during the summer of 2011. The date it will air is July 18.

When will the next Pokemon pearl season 11 start?

I think April 12

When is season 4 episode 11 of eureka going to aired?

Eureka Season 4 Episode 11 will air on July 11th, 2011.

Where can you watch Pokemon season 11 ep 11?

When does supernatural season 6 air on living?