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Yes minecraft will be finished by this year.

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Q: When will Minecraft be completely finished?
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How much is Minecraft 1.8 to buy?

To buy Minecraft it costs 15 euro's but it costs $20 in Australia. When Minecraft has been completely finished, it will cost 20 euro's and $25 in Australia. :)

Is Minecraft a con?

Minecraft is not a con. It is completely legit. I bought Minecraft myself.

Where can you download Minecraft 1.8?

You can Download finished Minecraft at:

When you mod on minecraft and get an item in your inventory when it is im my hand its the wrong image can you help me?

The Mod is probably not completely finished. Try re-downloading and re-installing the mod at a later time.

Is Minecraft better than Fortresscraft?

Minecraft and Fortresscraft are two completely different games, made by completely different people. Fortresscraft looks like Minecraft, but it really depends on which one you play more.

Does it cost money to get updates on Minecraft?

No, not at all! All of the Minecraft updates are completely free and always will be.

What do you do with artifacts in Yogbox Minecraft Mod?

They are completely useless

When will Minecraft be finished?

Minecraft Classic and Minecraft beta are usable . minecraft classic is never updated so you could say that was finished ages ago minecraft beta however is constantly getting updated. and as far as i know there is no set finish date yet. you can always read notches blog the word of notch for updates and information on the game.

How much does Minecraft modloader cost?

Modloader, Modloader MP, and most Minecraft mods are completely free. You can download most of them at the Minecraft Forum.

When is Minecraft being released on the xbox?

There is no confirmed date, probably after Minecraft is completely done with all updates.

What is the hardest block in Minecraft?

The hardest block in Minecraft is bedrock. It is completely unbreakable unless on creative mode.

Is Naruto completely finished?

yes or no