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The first game in the Super Mario Bros series was released September 13 1985. If you are looking for the first time the character Mario was introduced he was introduced in Donkey Kong in 1981. There's also a game known as Mario Bros released on July 14 1983 which spurred the psuedo sequel Super Mario Bros.

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Q: When was the first super Mario game made?
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Is Super Mario Brothers the first game ever made?

No. The first game to be made is said to be Pong, founded in 1972.

When was the first Mario game made?

1981, where he was called Jumpman in a game called Donkey Kong. later they changed his name to mario, then super mario.

When was Super Mario made?

It was 1972, but the first game came out in 1981, and Nintendo company in 1985.

What system is Super Mario Sunshine for?

Super Mario Sunshine is a game made for the Nintendo Gamecube.

Why was Super Mario Bros invented?

Because a bunch of Japanese people wanted to make a video game, so they made the game Donkey Kong, then Super Mario Bros. derived from that.

Why was Super Mario made?

Nintendo needed their first video game so they hired Shigeru Miamoto to make a game. Donkey Kong was made so Jumpman was made. Then in DK Jr., he was renamed to Mario

When did the first Mario game come out?

i don't know what year, but i know which game! super Mario bros pizza makers! the Mario brothers make pizza in Italy and they still didn't discover the mushroom kingdom until super Mario bros. 3 movie series

Who made the first mario Nintendo game?

Shigeru Miyamoto created the very first Mario game. The first time Mario appeared was in a 1982 arcade game named Donkey Kong Junior. This was the only time Mario was every portrayed as "the bad guy." Then came what most people regard as the original Mario game: Super Mario Bros. This game was for NES.

What was the first video game made into a movie?

Super Mario Bros.: Peach-Hime Kyushutsu Dai Sakusen

When did the game of Mario Kart start?

It started in 1992 When Super mario kart was made

How long have Mario and Luigi been around?

His first ever game was in 1981 (Donkey Kong), and he wasn't called Mario back then. He was called "Jumpman". Luigi, however, was made in 1983 and his first game appearance was in Super Mario Bros.

What is the latest Super Mario Brothers game?

The latest Super Mario Brothers game made by Nintendo is super Mario land 3D. This game was released for the Nintendo 3DS it is scheduled for release on November 13 2011 for the US and November 18 for Europe.