When was Flyff created?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Flyff was created on 2005-12-25.

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Q: When was Flyff created?
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How do you get food in flyff?

i will buy food with flyff money. to buy flyff gold is a fast and convenient way to get flyff money.

How do you log in after you have made an account on flyff?

Well, whenever the FlyFF crew are going through server maitenence, all newly created FlyFF accounts will NOT work until they have finished with the update or maitenence. We do not know how long these updates take. Sorry for the inconvience :(

How do you download revenge flyff?

You can download flyff at

How do you download soulless flyff?

You can download flyff at

How do you download scarlet flyff?

You can download flyff at

Where can you download flyff Philippines?

You can't, just download the flyff client it's for any country and any place, there's no so such thing as philipinnes flyff, ( lol) download the flyff client and do the tutorial good luck in flyff.

How do you get golden skills by flyff?

there is no golden skill in flyff . :p

How do you create flyff private server game?

how do i make an private server flyff

What does 1 mean on flyff?

It's just the version of game i currently is! ~Flyff Team

How do you become an acrobat on flyff?

check here:

Can you update flyff v12 to v13?

Yes, simply open your Flyff loading window

What is mp in flyff?

MP in Flyff can stand for Magic Points. It can be uses to cast spells.