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The next event is at Toys R US but only till 12pm to 3pm

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Q: When is the event for Pokemon pearl?
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How do you get to shamen in Pokemon Pearl in Pokemon Pearl?

action replay or event

What is a Pokémon event in Pokémon Pearl?

A real-life event where you can download mystery gifts on Pokemon Pearl

What are event in Pokemon Pearl now?


How do you catch darkri in Pokemon pearl?

You need a special Pokemon event.

Pokemon Pearl version where to get your wondercard in Pokemon Pearl?

the wonder card can only be obtained through a Nintendo event

How do you get the Heavens Flute on Pokemon Pearl?

Nintendo Event

What event is in July for Pokemon pearl?

arceus i believe

How can you get a pokeflute in Pokemon pearl cheating?

go to a event

How do you get a shaymin in Pokemon peal?

you get shaymin in Pokemon pearl by a event comming soon.

How do you get to the Pokemon diamond pearl platinum events?

Some of the event Pokemon can be found in toys r us on the event dates.

When you mix records with someone that has a Pokemon event unlocked will the other person get the event also in Pokemon diamond pearl?

No. To get the event yourself you must have the wondercard.

On Pokemon pearl how do you get a membership pass?

a Nintendo event but i do not know what that is!!!