When is ssf2 v0.5b coming out?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It is arleady here! Check it at!

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Q: When is ssf2 v0.5b coming out?
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When is ssf2 v0.04 coming out?

After ssf2 v0.3c comes out which is in a couple of months next year

Is ssf2 v0.8b coming out tomorrow?


When is ssf2 v0.9 coming out?

I think this December. :)

When is the full version of ssf2 coming out?

Mcleodgaming Will Make SSF2 Full Version & Daft Club 8 I Think Daft Club Is Coming In April 2013

When will ssf2 come out?

it's coming out on June 3,2013

What month is ssf2 coming out?

no one knows egzactly but some time in the summer

When is ssf2 v0.8 coming out?

The release of Super Smash Flash 2 v0.8 is today!! (DECEMBER 25)

Is vegeta in ssf2?

No, vegeta is not in ssf2.

When is the next demo of ssf2 coming out?

SUMMER 2011(unknown month) Shut up. came out dec 2010

Can you get SSF2 expansions in the SSF2 Demo?

I think you can't.

When is ssf2 v8.0 demo coming?

IT'S V0.8 NOT V8.0!V8.0 WILL BE DONE FOR YEARS! v0.8 will come on crhistmas 2011.

When is ssf2 v0.8b?

SSF2 v0.b will come out on saturday.