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Moshi Monsters Super Moshi Mission 2, Season 2, has already been released.

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Q: When is mission 12 coming out in Moshi Monsters?
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What is the age group for Moshi Monsters?

Moshi Monsters is designed for ages 7-12, however, any age can play Moshi Monsters.

How much does a moshi monsters membership cost in australia for a week?

You can not buy a Moshi Monsters membership for only one week. You can buy a membership for 1 month, 6 months, or 12 months. Australia: 1 month AU$6.95 6 months AU$34.95 12 months AU$44.95 Note that Moshi Monsters can change membership prices at any time!

How much money does moshi monster cost for a year?

Moshie Monsters is free! But if you whant to be a member it is: FOr 1 month it is £4.96 For 6 mounths it is £23.95 and for 12 mounths it is £29.9 wich is the best value !:)

How much does it cost for a 12 month membership on moshi monsters?

Pricing depends on your location. To get accurate pricing go to the Moshi Monsters website, click the Membership link and then choose the Join Now button and follow the process through. 12 month membership as of October 2011: United States: US$49.95 United Kingdom: £29.95 Australia: AU$44.95 Canada: CA$49.95 Europe: EU€29.95 New Zealand: NZ$49.95 Rest of the World: US$49.95

How do you get money fast on Moshi Monsters?

The "money" used in the Moshi Monsters game is called Rox. There are many different ways to get Rox on Moshi Monsters: 1. Play the Hall of Puzzles 2. Play En-Gen 3. Play the Ice-Scream game on Ooh La Lane 4. Play at Flutterby Field 5. Play Moshling Boshling (click on the monsters having a picnic on Main Street) 6. Play in the Underground Disco (for paid members) 7. Play the Daily Challenge 8. Dig up Rox flowers in your garden 9. Give the Moshlings in your Moshling Zoo a bath to earn 3 Rox! (Paid Members Only) 10. Earn more levels 11. Read the Daily Growl for chances to win free Rox 12. Invite friends to play Moshi Monsters 13. Complete Quests 14. Complete Adventures 15. Complete Super Moshi Missions (for paid members) 16. Shake trees at the Port (for paid members) 17. Click the Rox Stone in the Volcano basement (Super Moshis only) 18. Sell stuff at Dodgy Dealz At different times, Moshi Monsters has released Item Codes for getting a specific amount of Rox. However, the codes usually have some restrictions such as for a limited time only or expire after a certain amount of time. Sometimes Moshi Monsters will give a one time, one use only Rox code to members who win a competition or contest of some kind. Moshi Monsters codes are always changing. There are a few that work for a long time but most codes now have a time limit on them. For the most current information about codes that work, check out [see Related Links] Watch the Daily Growl as the information is posted there when Moshi Monsters releases another code for Rox. Rox codes have also been released in the Moshi Magazine.

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Will there be mission 12 on Moshi Monsters?


When is mission 6 season 2 on moshi monsters coming out?

the 1 of august 2012 lol 12 of august is my birthday at the exact time as the closing ceromoni of the olympics

Is mission 12 here on moshi monsters?


Which plants attract ruby on moshi monsters?

mission 11 or mission 12

What do you do on mission 12?

you try and try if u can not do it then you have to go on youtube and type in moshi monsters mission 12

How do you beat mission 12 on moshi monsters?

Super Moshi Mission 12 (Season 2 Mission 2) has not been released yet. A preview has been released, so the mission should be out soon.

How do you get wallop moshi monsters?

Complete Super Moshi Mission #10 "Super Weapon Showdown",The mission came out on 12/08/2011.

When is super moshi season 2 mission 5 coming out?

july 12

When is moshi mission 12 coming out?

I think April first but I'm not sure.

When is series 3 moshi monsters cards coming out?

4 days ago at 19/09/12 17:12

What is the age group for Moshi Monsters?

Moshi Monsters is designed for ages 7-12, however, any age can play Moshi Monsters.

Is Moshi Monsters for kids?

Yes, Moshi Monsters was designed for children ages 6 to 12, however, people of all ages are encouraged to play Moshi Monsters.