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March 2.

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Q: When is battlefield bad comany 2 out?
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Should i get battlefield bad company 2 or Medal of Honor?

battlefield bad company 2

Is Battlefield 3 Battlefield Bad Company 3?

No, Battlefield 3 does not follow the Bad Company series storyline. Battlefield 3 is a sequel to Battlefield 2.

What is the latest battlefield game?

Battlefield bad company 2

Is Battlefield 2 the same as bad company 2?

No the Bad Company series is a spin off the the original Battlefield series.

What is the highest level in battlefield bad company 2?

the highest level you can get in battlefield bad company 2 is level 50

What battlefield is after battle field bad company 2?

battlefield 3

When do you unlock claymores in battlefield bad company 2?

There are no claymores in Battlefield Bad Company 2, but they have C4 and anti-tank mines.

Is Battlefield 3 Battlefield Bad company 3 or a different series?

Battlefield 3 is part of the Battlefield series by DICE. It is the sequel to Battlefield 2. The Bad Company series is a spin-off of the Battlefield series.

Is there any games like battlefield heroes?

Yes, there are many games like battlefield heroes: •battlefield play 4 free •battlefield 1947 •battlefield Vietnam •battlefield 2 •battlefield 2 modern combat •battlefield 2142 •battlefield: bad company •battlefield 1943 •battlefield: bad company 2 !! Enjoy !!

Is Battlefield 3 a Bad Company sequel?

No, Battlefield 3 is the spiritual sequel to Battlefield 2 and is not related to the Bad Company series spin-off.

Do you need to play battlefield 1 before playing Battlefield 2 to get the story line?

Unless your talking about Battlefield Bad Company 1 and 2 then No Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 2 have no story line.

How do you get the m1 grand on battlefield bad company 2?

You must own or atleast play another battlefield game, like the 1st bad company, or battlefield 2. Anything will work.