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i would wait until level 30 so it can all its good basic moves. then it learns some good moves but you should always keep sing that is one of jigglypuffs best moves.

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Q: When is a good level to evolve Jigglypuff?
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Pokemon silver what level does Jigglypuff evolve?

No matter what game it is, you need a moon stone to evolve Jigglypuff.

What level does igglybuff evole?

It doesent evolve through levels, it will only evolve to jigglypuff through high friendship, use a moon stone on the jigglypuff to evolve it to wiglytuff.

What level does Jigglypuff level up in on Pokemon?

It will evolve by using a moon stone on it.

What level does Jigglypuff evolve on Pokemon gold?

It evolve by a moon stone not leveling up

How much level evolve wiglibuf?

If you mean Wigglytuff, it will evolve from a Jigglypuff with a moon stone. And a Jigglypuff will evolve from an Igglybuff after it's happy. Use a sooth-bell if you have one.To recap:-Igglybuff ---> Happiness ---> Jigglypuff---> Moon Stone ---> Wigglytuff

Best level to evolve jiggly puff?

An early level, because he/she does not learn very good moves, you are best off teaching wigglytuff lots of good tm's

What level does jiggly puff evolve in poke'mon white?

Jigglypuff need a moon stone to evolve

What level does Jigglypuff evolve in ruby?

whatever level you want because you use a moonstone

What level will Jigglypuff evolve in Pokemon tower difense?

no level moonstone buy it at the pokemart

What level does igglybuff evolve into Jigglypuff?

Igglybuff evolves with high friendship. Try giving it haircuts with the haircut brothers below Goldenrod City or talk to Daisy in Pallet town from 3:00 to 4:00. when it is really friendly with you, level it up and it should evolve.

What level does Jigglypuff evolve on Pokemon pearl?

you need a moon stone

What level does Jigglypuff evolve on Pokemon Red?

Use a moon stone.