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Okay here's the real deal it is not coming out dragon ball heroes is an arcade game it's not coming out in US ever. dragon ball heroes: Ultimate Mission however is coming out the end of February 2013

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Q: When is Dragon Ball heroes releasing?
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Is there sonic in Dragon Ball Z heroes united?

No, sonic is nothing to do with Dragon ball Z Heroes united

When will be appear Dragon Ball heroes?

No you can't

New Dragon Ball Z?

If are thinking of Dragon ball Hoshi/Dragon ball Heroes That is just a card game machine in Japan

When is the dragon ball raging blast demo releasing?

October 15, 2009

Where can you play dragon ball z heroes united 2?


Where can you buy Dragon Ball heroes cards?

You can buy it on or ebay

When will Dragon Ball hos hi come out?

Dragon Ball Hoshi is not a real thing. Some guy on YouTube took promotional video's from Dragon Ball Heroes which is a arcade game in Japan.

When is Dragon Ball AF releasing?

never sorry but go the question is there a dragon ball af cuz i alredy answered tat and it has some good ideas

When is the dragon ball raging blast demo releasing for xbox 360?

late august

Who are the heroes of Dragon Ball Z?

GokuVegetaKing KaiKrillinGohanGoten1816Majin BuuTrunksChi ChiPopoKameDendeGotenksPiccoloHercule Satan

Are there any Dragon Ball Z games for Nintendo 3DS?

Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission will be coming to 3DS in Winter 2012 or Spring 2013.

Will there be another series after Dragon Ball gt?

no there will be no more series after gt it is over. maybe there will be more but it will be fan made