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Yanma can only learn Ancient Power in D/P (Diamond and Pearl), not in FR/LG.

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Q: When does yanma learn ancient power in firered?
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When does Yanma learn ancient power?

Yanma learns ancient power at lv.33

How does yanma evole?

Make it learn Ancient Power.

Pokemon how do you get yanma to evolve?

Make it learn Ancient Power

How do you evolve yamna?

To evolve Yanma into Yanmega he must level up after learning Ancient Power. Yanma will learn the Ancient power ability at level 33.

What level does a yanma learn ancient power?

33 in Generation 5.

What level does yanma learn ancient power in black and white?

level 33

What lv dos yanma evolve on Pokemon LeafGreen?

yanma needs to know ancient power to evolve into yanmega. it will learn ancient power at lv 32 and lv it up again and it should evolve ino yanmega.

Pokemon Diamond How do you Get Yammega?

To get a Yanmega you have to evolve your Yanma. You can do this by teaching it the move Ancient Power, which it will learn on level 33. If you don't have a Yanma they can be found in the Safari Game.

How does Yanma Evolve into Yanmega?

Yanma evolves into Yanmega once it learns ancient power and levels up. Naturally Yanma learns ancient power at level 33.

How do you teach yanma ancient power?

it will learn it at level 33, If your's is already higher than level 33 then you can use the move tutor to make it learn it. After that just level it up and it will evolve. If your yanma is already level 100 then you are screwed, get a new yanma.

How can you teach yanma Ancient power?

It learns ancient power at lvl. 33.

When doese yanma evolve?

When it learns Ancient Power