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it never ends,sorry.

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Q: When does the eatathon contest end in Celadon city in Pokemon soul silver?
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How do you get maylene out of the eatathon contest in soul silver?

You have to win the elite 4 30 times

What do you do after you beat the gym in Celadon in Pokemon soul silver?

you go to the eleg four

Where do you catch Porygon in Pokemon soul silver?

You have to win it at the Celadon Game Corner

Where do you buy moves for your Pokemon in soul silver?

goldenrod and celadon department store.

What gyms are in celadon city Pokemon silver?

Grass that's Erika's gym

In what town is the department store in Pokemon soul silver?

Celadon and Goldenrod cities

Where is the Pokemon contest on Pokemon soul sivler?

You can't do Pokemon contests in Pokemon soul silver.

Can you get rid of the grimer in celadon city s pond in pokemon soul silver?

no youcrackhead

In Pokemon silver is Snorlax Tyranitar dragonite ampharos typhlosion and Gyarados the strongest team?

Yeah, only if they are all lvl 100. Snorlax is good with leftovers.. from Celadon City in the bin where they are having the food eating contest

In Pokemon Silver if you do the bug catching contest with the egg containing Togepi it disappears after the contest is over Is there a way to get it back or will I have to restart the entire game?

Daniel lost is Pokemon after the Pokemon contest

Where is the game freak on Pokemon Soul Silver?

celadon city in kanto. take elevator two in celadon condominiums to the third floor. hope this helps :)

Where can you catch a mr mime in Pokemon silver?

Route 24, or you can get it as a prize in the Celadon Game Corner.