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Q: When does the burned tower get fixed in heartgold?
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How do you get the burned tower fixed on HeartGold?

The Burned Tower will never be restored. It will always remained burned throughout the game.

Pokemon HeartGold where is 4th gymleader?

he is in the burned tower

Where is the brass tower in Pokemon HeartGold?

Brass Tower (Burned Tower) is located in Ecreteak City.

Where is burned tower Pokemon?

on soulsilver and heartgold it is in ecruteak city

Do they rebuild the burned tower in HeartGold?

To rebuild the Burnt Tower in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver, you must fill up your pokedex. By the time that you finish your national pokedex, the Burnt Tower should be restored to its previous state. However, I am not sure what you can do in it when it is rebuilt.

Where do you get the pokemon magmar in HeartGold?

Burned tower safari zone. Go to

How do you get to burned tower?

in soulsilver/heartgold it is in ecruteak city (i think please change if wrong)

How do you get past the burned tower in Pokemon HeartGold?

you scare away the legendary pokemon and then leave

Where to find deoxes in HeartGold?

they are extremely rare, but you can find them in the burned tower in ecruteak city.

How can you get the burned tower rebuilt in soul silver?

you can't maybe in the future there would be a new game that the burned tower would be fixed, but right now, it's staying burned

Can you get a magmortar in Pokemon HeartGold?

in soul silver, you can get magmar in the burned tower. then i guess you can just evolve it

What happens to Suicune if he dies in Pokemon heartgold?

he respawns in the burned tower after you beat the elite four again