When does rattata learn hyper fang?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You either have to get it at a certain level where it will automaticaly learn Hyper Fang, or buy it at the poke store. It will be called HM or TM something

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Q: When does rattata learn hyper fang?
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Can Rattata learn anything more than hyper fang?


What level does rattata learn hyper fang in LeafGreen?

It might be somewere inbeetween lvl 14 and lvl 25

What moves does Rattata learn in Pokemon Yellow?

In Pokémon Yellow, Rattata will learn moves such as Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack, Hyper Fang, Focus Energy and Super Fang as level-up moves. Wild Rattata will already know Tackle and Tail Whip upon capture, it will learn Quick Attack at Level 7, Hyper Fang at Level 14, Focus Energy at Level 23 and Super Fang is the last level-up move which it learns at Level 34.

Where do you find the hyper fang in HeartGold?

there is no TM or tutor, the only Pokemon that can learn it are rattata, bidoof, bibarel, and ratacate. On the other hand, there is a totur for super fang outside of the battle frontier.

What level does pachirisu learn super fang?

Rattata learns Super Fang at level 28.

What level does ratatta learn hyper fang in FireREd?


What Pokemon learn super fang in Pokemon pearl?

Pretty much the only one who can learn super fang is raticate. but I'm sure its devolved form can learn it to but raticate is much more powerful. they also learn hyper fang which is a powerful (but not super powerful) move.

Can rattata learn quick attack?

Yes, Rattata can learn Quick Attack.

What level does rattata learn mean look?

Rattata does not learn Mean Look.

What level does rattata learn bubble?

rattata does not learn bubble at all, there isn't even a TM for bubble

Can rattata use fire fang?

No, even though the little Pokemon has teeth. The use of the move Fire Fang is for the Pokemon using it has to have visible teeth.

Can rattata learn cut in Pokemon silver?

No, it is not able to learn cut.