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you can't.but thre is a way.youneed to catch a male gallade then use ....... stone.

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Q: When does ralts evolve into gallade?
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How do ralts evolve to gallade on platinum?

You must first evolve Ralts into Kirlia and then you must use a Dawn Stone to make it evolve into Gallade.

Does ralts evolve into gallade in emerald?


How do you evolve ralts into galade?

In order to get a Gallade you must capture a MALE Ralts and level it up to level 20. It will then evolve into Kirlia. Use a Dawn Stone on the Kirlia and you it will evolve into a Gallade.

What form can ralts evolve into?

If your Ralts is male, then it goes from Ralts, Kirlia, Gardevoir, OR if you give it a dawn stone before evolving it into Gardevoir, it evolves into Gallade. If it is Female, it cannot evolve into Gallade, it will always be a Gardevoir.

What is the 3rd evolution of Ralts in Platinum?

at level 20 Ralts can evolve into a Kirlia

Does ralts evolve with a dawn stone?

A Male Kirlia will evolve into a Gallade when exposed to a Dawn Stone.

How do you evolve a male ralts into gallade on Pokemon sapphire?

evolve ralts into kirlia[male]and use a dawn stone hope this helps

How do you evolve Ralts on Pokemon platinum?

Ralts will evolve in lv.20 to Kirlia and you must choose between two pokemons:Gaurdevoir or Galladeto make Gaurdevoir, you need to lv it up to lv.30 and it will evolve automaticallyto make Gallade, you need to use dawn stone (only male Kirlia can become Gallade)I personally suggest you make you Ralts into Gallade

How do you evolve ralts on pokemon emerald?

Ralts will evolve at level 20 into Kirlia. From there it will change into a Gardevoir at level 30. However, in Emerald version you can not evolve Kirlia into Gallade

In Pokemon Platinum what is a Gallade?

Gallade is a evolved form of Kirlia (Evolved form of Ralts) but has to be a boy Kirlia. If it is, then you can evolve it with a Dawn Stone, and it will be a Gallade.

How do you get a gallade in soul silver?

First, capture a Ralts from a Pokemon Swarm (or trade from someone else). It must be a male Ralts. Then, evolve it into a Kirlia. Then, use a dawn stone to get a Gallade.

How do you evolve Ralts on HeartGold?

Ralts evolves at level 16 or 18 to kirlia then you can use a dawn stone to turn it into a gallade (only if it is male) or level it to 30 and it will evolve into gardevoir.