When does munna envolve?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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you give it the moon stone

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Q: When does munna envolve?
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What level does munna envolve?

Not a level, it evolves by Moon Stone

How do you envolve Snorlax?

Snorlax cant envolve

What does croconaw envolve to They envolve to BlazeIken?

Crocanaw evolves into Feraligatr :p

How do you get munna in Pokemon Black?

You can get Munna at the Dreamyard.

What does munna evolve in to?

munna evolves into musharna

When does geckavia envolve?

Geckavia is not a Pokemon. Also, it's spelt evolve, not envolve.

How do you catch munna in Pokemon Black?

You get Munna at the Dreamyard.

What Pokemon evolves from the dawn stone in Pokemon diamond?

you can envolve ralts to envolve into kirlia and to envolve kirlia to gallade but only male and a snorunt but only female

Where do you get munna in white?

You can find Munna in the dream yard but to evolve a munna into musharna you need a moon stone unless you find a wild musharna but i evolved my munna with a moon stone

What type of Pokemon is Munna?

Munna is a Psychic type pokemon.

What stone evolves munna?

You can evolve Munna by using a Moon stone on it.

What level does munna evolve at?

Munna evolves when its given a Moon Stone.