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every month.

if u want to know more about Club Penguin just email me at

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Q: When does club penguin update furniture catalog?
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Where do you get furnature for your house in club penguin?

You buy it in the furniture catalog edit igloo buy furniture catalog

How do you get a Christmas tree on Club Penguin?

you click on the lights in club penguin furniture catalog (2008)

How do you get the TV for your igloo on Club Penguin?

It's in the Furniture Catalog.

How do you get nutcrackers on Club Penguin?

Usually around Christmas, Club Penguin will release the Nut Cracker for sale in the Furniture Catalog.

What special furniture can you get for your Puffles in Club Penguin?

You can purchase furniture for your puffle in the second catalog in the Pet Shop in Club Penguin. The Club Penguin blog said that new puffle furniture will be released on Friday, February 13. Puffles will play with this special furniture when you put it in your igloo.

Where do you get puffle posters on Club Penguin?

you can't get them now. they used to be in the furniture catalog, but they changed it.

How do you get a refrigerator on Club Penguin?

You have to buy it with the coins you earn on Club Penguin and check the Furniture Catalog in Club Penguin and also remember that they're are hidden items in Club Penguin so look out for those. ~The Wiki Answerer

How do you get to the box dimesion on Club Penguin?

It is currently in the Club Penguin furniture catalog. It was also from the April Fools party last year. Hope this helps!

Where do you get the net in club penguin?

if you are talking about the wall decoration, it was in the furniture catalog when rockhoppers ship was repaired.

Where is the shopping catalog in Club Penguin?

The shopping catalog (for clothes) is in the gift shop in the town. The furniture catalog (for furniture LOL) is in your igloo just click the tape measure sign when you are in your igloo and the furniture and igloo catalog will appear. Hope i helped ~fiercewolfga

Can you get more furniture on Club Penguin besides whats in the catalog?

yes you can get more furniture because theres hidden items in the catelog

How do you get box dimension on club penguin in 2010?

You go to the furniture catalog and it's hidden in the wishing well.