When does arbok evolve?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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First make it hold a razor fang then level it up to 45+ (note: it only works when you level up at night)

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Q: When does arbok evolve?
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How does arbok evolve?

Arbok doesn't evolve.

How do you evolve arbok in HeartGold?

Arbok does not evolve.

How do you evolve arbok?

Arbok cannot evolve

How does arbok evolve in Pokemon Crystal?

arbok doesn't evolve.

When does arbok evolve in crystal?

Arbok does not evolve in Pokémon Crystal.

Does arbok evolve in soul silver?

It was thought Arbok would evolve into a Seviper but No, Arbok is the last evolution of the ekans evolutionary tree

What level does arbok evolve into seviper?

Arbok does not evolve into Seviper, it doesn't evolve after evolving out of Ekans. Hope I helped! :)

Does arbok evolve?


Does arbok evolve on SoulSilver?

no it doesent evolve

Can arbok evolve?

The simple

What does arbok evolve into on SoulSilver?

he dont

What level does arbock evolve at on Pokemon platinum?

Arbok does not evolve