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It evolves when it levels up knowing Double Hit, which it learns at level 32.

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Q: When does aipom evolve in pokemon platnum?
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What level does aipom evolve in Pokemon emerald?

aipom does not evolve inpokemon emerald

How do you evolve kadabra in pokemon platnum?

in order to evolve kadabra you have to trade it

What level does aipom evolve in Pokemon HeartGold?

Aipom does not evolve by level in Pokemon HeartGold. Aipom evolves when it levels up while knowing the move Double Hit, which it can learn at level 32. This makes level 33 the earliest level at which an aipom can evolve.

Where do you find aipom and ambipom on Pokemon diamond?

put honey on a tree for aipom but for ambipom evolve aipom

How do you get aipom on pokemon platnum?

You need honey put it on a tree. it's super super rare though i think

How does aipom evolve in Pokemon emerald?

aipom's evole is a Pokemon from the next generation after emerald so its impossible to receive him.

What level does gibite evolve at in pokemon platnum?

lvl 48

What level does aipom evolve in Pokemon diamond?

Aipom evolves after learning Double Hit. It will NOT evolve unless it knows Double Hit.

What does ambipom evolve into in Pokemon diamond?

Ambipom does not evolve. It is the evolved form of Aipom.

How do you evolve aipom in Pokemon Platinum?

In Pokemon Platinum Aipom will evolve at level 33 into Ambipom. Check out For Lots & Lots more Info on Evolutions , Pokemon Locations , Pokemon , Poketch Apps & More.

Can aipom evolve in Pokemon Emerald?

no but it can in platinum, diamond or pearl.

How do you evolve haunter in pokemon platnum?

just like in all other Pokemon games trade it!!!!!!!!!!