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level 35 or 33

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Q: When does Tangela learn ancient power?
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How do you evolve tangela in platinum?

When Tangela wants to learn Ancient power let it learn it, then level it up again and he/she will evolve into Tangrowth.

When does Tangela learn Ancient Power in Pokemon platinum?

level 33

What level does tangela learn ancient power?

I'm not sure but i think at level 33-40.......try it. I'm Chunkmasterfunk212 and I caught my tangela at lv. 35 and it already knew ancient power

How does Tangela learn Ancient Power in Pokemon Pearl?

In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, Tangela naturally learns the move Ancient Power through levelling up. Once the Pokemon reaches level 33, the game will ask you whether or not you would like Tangela to learn Ancient Power. If it has already passed level 33, chances are that the move can be taught to it via the Move Tutor in Pastoria City. The reason Tangela learns Ancient Power is due to its new evolution - Tangrowth. Learning the move means Tangela has met the requirements for its evolution. Since this new evolution has been introduced with Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, Tangela cannot learn Ancient Power in any previous Pokemon games.

Does Tangela evolve?

At level 33, Tangela learns 'Ancient Power'.If Tangela levels up while it knows 'Ancient Power', then it will try to evolve into Tangrowth.

How do you evolve the Pokemon tangela?

make it level 30 something or forty something and have it learn ancient power

How do you make tangela have ancient power in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Tangela cannot learn Ancient Power in Pokemon Leaf Green. I believe you are asking because you want to evolve it to a Tangrowth which only can have in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl onwards.

How do you get tangroth on Pokemon Diamond?

you need a tangela so catch it in the pal park (transfer it through Pokemon leaf green or fire red) and let it learn ancient power a tangela learns ancient power at level 34 so keep ancient power and it will evolve at level 35.

How do you evolve tangelo?

Have it learn ancient power. If you teach it via TM, then level it up once. If your tangela hasn't learned ancient power yet, then it'll evolve when it does.

What level does tangela evolve at if it is level 41?

Tangela will only evolve if you level it up once it knows ancient power (which it learns at level 33). take it to the move maniac to make it learn it if you didn't teach it to tangela.

Does tangela evolve in heartgold?

Yes; Tangela evolves into Tangrowth by leveling up Tangela when it knows Ancient Power.

How do you evolve tangela on Pokemon platinum?

tangela evolves when it learns the move ancient power then you get tangrowth... :D