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its not called super smash bros war its going to be called Super Smash Bros. Royale. and i hope it comes out fast!

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Q: When does Super Smash Bros. war come out?
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What is the next version of Super Smash Bros.?

the next super smash brothers will be called super smash bros war and will come out between 2013 and 2014 -crash bandicoot srikes back and gets to be an unlockable character! will spyro be in super smash bros war?, OF COURSE HE WILL! XD

Is Super Smash Bros war any good?

dude, first of all, there is no super smash bros WAR, there is super smash bros MELEE and super smash bros brawl, n theyre both equally amazing to be frank

Next Super Smash Bros.?

the next super smash bros will be called super smash bros war and that's true! :D

What is the next smash bros?

i heard its super smash bros war

Is there going to be another Super Smash Bros after brawl?

theres a rumor that there will be and is called super smash bros war

The next Super Smash Bros.?

Some people think that it's super smash bros extreme. But that doesn't mean it's real. but i heard its smash bros war

What is the next Smash Brothers game?

super smash bros war

What is Super Smash Bros. 4 called?

There hasn't been a confirmed source about a fourth, but it MIGHT happen. The titles (that have not been confirmed) are either Clash or War.

What characters will be in Super Smash Bros. war?

no1 knows but ive heard that the regular characters will be there plus tails shadow king boo waluigi pac-man and others

Is super smash brothers war real?

not yet but it might be real this or next year

Games for the Wii?

There are tons of games for wii for all catergories: Super Smash Bros. Brawl Guitar Hero Mario Galaxy Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort Call of Duty World at War Quantum of Solace 007 (James Bond game) DJ Hero TONS OF PARTY GAMES Game Show games like DEAL OR NO DEAL and THE PRICE IS RIGHT MadWorld Zelda Backyard Football and Baseball AND MORE!!! Also, there are many games available on the Wii Shop channel if you connect your Wii to the internet, such as: DR. Mario My Aquarium World of Goo Super Mario Bros.

When will super Mario war 1.8 come out?

im wondering that as well..... i have been waiting too long for it.