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It can't.

If you have PT or HGSS it can learn thunder fang at lvl35, and if you have DP, it leans thunder fang at lvl42

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Q: When does Luxray learn thunder bolt?
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Can luxray learn thunder?

yes luxray can

Can luxray learn thunder punch?

no luxray cannot learn the move thunderpunch but he can learn the move thunder fang

Does luxray learn the thunder an at what level?

Luxray doesn't learn thunder at any level, you have to teach it to him/her with TM 25.

What pokemon can learn thunder fang?

Luxray can learn thunder fang.

What level does luxray learn thunder fang?

luxray learns thunder fang at lvl 42 That is what happened to my luxray but on, it says that luxray learns thunder fang at lvl 35.

Does Luxray learn Thunder punch?


Does luxray learn thunder punch in Pokemon platinum?


Does luxray learn thunder fang?

Yes he can. I checked my Pokedex (the book) and it said he/she can learn it.

What level does houndoom learn thunder fang?

Houndoom cannot learn thunder fang by leveling up. He can only learn thunder fang is when you breed a Houndoom and a pokemon that can learn thunder fang example ( Luxray )

Can anpharos learn thunder bolt in platinum and at what level?

ampharos does not learn thunder bolt you have to teach it

What moves can luxray learn?

Thunder(Tech machine) Thunder fang bite hyper beam charge beamLuxray can learn thunder fang at level 42, discharge at level 56, scary face level 49, That is all I can remember and having my luxray take in. I beat the elite four with him and my starter only.

How does luxray learn volt tackle?

no luxray cannot learn volt tackle.only pichu, pikachu, and raichu can learn it.sorry, if u want a strong physical electric move for him go for spark or thunder fangspark/thunder fang: 65 base powervolt tackle:120it sucks i know but we have to live with it