When does Call of Duty 7 come out?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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well im not really sure but Call of Duty 6 is coming out in Dec. 2009!

some time in august 2010 is what i heard

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Q: When does Call of Duty 7 come out?
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When does Call of Duty 78 come out?

The year 2098 for Call of Duty 78. If you mean Call Of Duty 7, it is out. It is Black Ops.

Call of Duty 7 come out?

Not yet but i say there will be one.

When did Call of Duty 3 come out?

November 7, 2006

Does call of duty 4 for mac come out on July 7?

No August 2008

Who made Call of Duty 7?

Call of Duty 7, or Call of Duty: Black Ops was made by developer Treyarch, who also made Call of Duty 3 and Call of Duty: World At War.

Is Call of Duty six better than Call of Duty 7?

No one really knows because COD 7 hasn't even come out yet, its coming out on November 9 2010

When is call of duty 7 coming out in Ireland?

Call of Duty Black Ops has been out but Call of Duty 7 is not a game title

A Call of Duty 6 will come out in 2009 and you are wondering will there be a Call of Duty 7 in 2010?

Of course, Activision comes out with a new title every year so it is very likely that one will come out in 2010.

What call of duty is going to come after call of duty ghosts?


Is their a Call of Duty 7?

there is its called call of duty black ops

What is the title of Call of Duty 7?

Call of Duty Black Ops.

Is there more call of dutys being made?

Call of duty black ops is just come out and that's call of duty 7 so activison infinity ward and treyarch are thinking about making the call of duty series go on till call of duty 20.Activison is now shut down so treyarch will be making all of the call of duty games from now on. call of duty 8 is going to be called call of duty In combat.