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Once you reach a certain level by popping tons of bloons. I believe the level is 32.. The best way to get to that level quickly is by playing a level on easy and just keep going past level 50 and stacking/upgrading towers like crazy until you get the level you want.

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Q: When do you unlock a super monkey in bloons tower defense 4?
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What bloons game is after tower defense 4?

Bloons Tower Defense 5 and Bloons Super Monkey 2

Why did you turn into a sun god in bloons super monkey?

This is because in Bloons Tower Defense games, that is the last upgrade for Super Monkey.

What do you get at rank 31 in bloons tower defense 4?

It is sun god for super monkey it is epic!!

How do you get sun god on bloons tower defence4?

Upgrade a Super Monkey all the way. You have to unlock the Upgrade.

Is there a hacked version of bloons super monkey?

not yet they havent created a cheat engine combatable with bloons super monkey

Bloons tower defense 5 super monkey cheat?

*Buy 3 Super Monkey Storms*Place a Super Monkey*Upgrade to Robot (No other)*Call in all monkey storms at once*1Second later click on super Monkeyand they will be free until round is over.

Where can you find a bloons super monkey trainer?

Sadly, there is no trainer for bloons super monkey 1 or 2. Although you can hack the game with cheat engine :D

When is bloons super monkey 2 come out?

It Already has.

How do you pause bloons super monkey?

Press the ESC that you have on your keyboard

Where can you play bloons super monkey hacked?

You can go to and or

What is the last super monkey upgrade on bloons tower defense 4?

Sun monkey, it shoots 3 layers of sun like plasma, but faster and it ca go through stuff and it is a lot more powerful.

How do you destroy the MOAB in Bloons Tower Defence 3 on coolmath-gamescom?

Super monkey PS MOAB stands for motet of all bloons