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Go to your PokeNav and go to "Condition" and choose Party Pkmn. It will show you there.

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Q: When do you know when feebas beauty is maxed out?
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What level does feebas?

Feebas does not evolve by leveling up, it evolves when the beauty is maxed out.

Will Feebas evolve if its beauty isn't maxed?

No, it will not evolve. In order to evolve, Feebas must be at max beauty.

How do you evolve feebas in Pokemon Ruby?

Feebas needs to have Maxed Beauty. Feed it some berries that will raise its Beauty stat.

What lvl does feebas evals at?

it evolves with maxed out beauty condition

What level does Pokemon feebas evolve at?

To evolve feebas, you have to max out it's beauty, by feeding it a lot of pokeblocks that promote beauty.

How do you evole feebas in ruby?

You feed it poffins until it's beauty is maxed out and level it up.

How do you make feebas beauty level level up?

It is suggested that level fifteen or higher should do it, with dry poffins. You have to be careful that they are higher level as if they're not, the feebas will get "full" of poffins before the beauty is maxed out. Then you'll have to breed it and start all over again!

What level does feebas evolve in pokemon platinum?

Feebas does not evolve with levels. it evolves when you max out its beauty, so i suggest you gve it lots of poffins that up your beauty and after you max out its beauty, go out and train that feebas and level it up one level and then it will evolve. ok hope you get a milotic!

What if your feebas didn't evolve after raising beauty and growing one level?

The best pokeblock is a chesto berry and if u need more help then look over here ------------------------>now if ur wondering how the heck does my feebas evolve or --->when will my feebas evolve/what do u do after u maxed its beauty just level it up.... now i don't know for sure that feebas evolves withs its beauty maxed out or what level will feebas evolve with or with out rare candies i just know that u catch him> max beauty>and then evolve but the best part of it is that u can try all of those things out and i too... have a feebas and wondering how feebas evolves so here are some other thoughts---------------->if uve tried out all of those and still didnt work then try thinking where u caught him and catch him.... or if u don't remember then all u have to do is breed him and when u get him back try doing all those things again if it doesnt work then im out of thoughts because ive tried doing them too but not breeding so that's what im going to do and that's all for this walkthrough and that's all i can say

How do you boost feebas beauty level to max?

Make lots of Beauty poffins out of berries and feed them to your Feebas. Once its maxed out, your Feebas will evolve.EDIT:Get a female feebas, I can trade you one for almost nothing, I have plenty ;), breed it until you get a nature that likes dry pokeblocks/poffins, and feed it dry ones. There is a good nature chart here: you can PM me (Starcruiser322) and I'll give you a milotic, again for almost nothing. I have Wi-Fi.

How does Feebas evolve?

feebas evolves with maximum beauty. ^_^

When does feebas evolve?

Anyway, to evolve Feebas into Milotic, your Feebas has to have its max beauty, then after that level it up by 1. And then Feebas will evolve into Milotic.