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You get RAYQUAZA at the top of SKY PILLAR after seeing GROUDON, KYORGE and RAYQUAZA in SOOTOPILIS CITY. RAYQUAZA is LV.70 so be prepared! RAYQUAZA knows these techniques:





The ratio of it being shiny is 25%. The only difference between SHINY & NON-SHINY is that the SHINY one is BLACK, not the regular GREEN. The best ball to use on RAYQUAZA is either an ULTRA-BALL (Or if you are lazy and not bothered a MASTER-BALL!)

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Q: When do you get Rayquaza in Pokemon emerald?
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Where is the emerald in pkemon emerald?

its not an emerald its RAYQUAZA the main legendary Pokemon in Pokemon emerald.

What is the strongest Pokemon in pokemonm emerald version?

Rayquaza Definetly Because Emerald is about Rayquaza.

Were is Rayquaza in Pokemon indigo?

Rayquaza isn't in Indigo. Rayquaza is ony in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.

At what level Does Rayquaza evolve in Pokemon emerald?

Rayquaza does not evolve.

Can you get Rayquaza in Pokemon Sapphire?

NOOO! you cant. you can get rayquaza in Pokemon emerald. by: kordell the Pokemon ranger

What is the best Pokemon for emerald?


What to do after you get dive in Pokemon emerald?

get rayquaza

What is the most legendary pokemon in pokemon emerald?


Were do you find the Pokemon kioger in Pokemon Ruby?

You can't get Kyogre in Pokemon Ruby but you can get Kyogre in Pokemon emerald and sapphire and in ruby you only get groudon and rayquaza. In sapphire you get Kyogre and rayquaza and in emerald you can get groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza.

How can you clone Rayquaza in Pokemon emerald?

equip rayquaza with rare candy

What is the most powerful Pokemon in Pokemon emerald?

I would say Rayquaza or jirachi

How do you get valuable Pokemon without cheats in emerald?

i don't have emerald but the valuable Pokemon is rayquaza