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I found that you chop yews fastest from level 70-99 (99 being the fastest). The best places to chop yews are the 3 yew trees east of varrok by earth alter. It is quite close to varrok east bank and there is usually empty, sometimes with 1 or 2 other players.. From level 60-70 the speed of chopping gradually increases, but its not as evident from level 60-69 as it is from 60-70. You can really feel the speed at which your getting yews at increase at level 70, and then it jet boosts at lvl 75.

I hope this answers your question.

I answered this question from a free-to-players perspective.

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Q: When do you chop yew fast in RuneScape?
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How do you get woodcutting lvl99 RuneScape?

Chop trees. Logs, Oak Logs, Willow, Yew.

How many yews do yew have to chop to get from 83 woodcutting to 95 woodcutting?

35k yew

Can you trim a yew tree?

You don't trim a yew tree on Runescape.

What is a Yew in RuneScape and how do you get them?

a " yew" is a tree and u have to have a certain lev. to cut them down you have to have level 60 woodcutting to cut a yew tree

What is good stuff to alch on runescape?

yew longbows

Were can you get millons in RuneScape?

to make millons in runescape just buy yew logs then flecht them to yew long bows (u) then buy bow stirng and make them 2 yew long bows. add me zoofool101 for more help.

How much xp do you get from a yew tree on runescape?

175 exp

Are there any yew chopping bots for runescape?

Yes in RSBot.

Is a yew tree a real tree?

yes in runescape and in real life

What is the best trees to chop in runescape?

depends on what level you are but if your lvl 68 + i would chop ivy (Members Only) but it is 332-333 exp an ivy that's if you want to get 99 woodcutting fast and not make money

How many yew logs would you need to cut in Runescape so you can get from level 60 to 68?

For this type of question, it is best to use a Runescape skill calculator. Search the Internet for those terms [runescape skill calculator], and enter the required data (your current level, and the activity you plan to do). Please note that cutting yew is not a particularly fast way to get experience. You get woodcutting experience much faster if you cut willow, or oak (I understand willow is faster). The only reason you would cut yew is to earn money while you train.

What monsters drop yew logs in runescape?

A realy good source of Yew Logs would be to fight the King Black Dragon, which drops around 500 noted Yew Logs.