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Vanna White and Pat Sajak started the Nighttime syndicated Wheel of Fortune show on September 19 1983. Before that Pat Sajak started the Daytime Wheel of Fortune on December 28 1981 and was joined by Vanna White on December 13 1982

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Q: When did vanna and pat start working on Wheel of Fortune?
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Who is the host of the Wheel of Fortune?

The host of the wheel of fortune is Pat Sajak and Vanna White.

Who is vanna tatti?

she is the girl from Wheel of Fortune

Who was the Wheel of Fortune hostess?

Susan Stafford was the original Wheel of Fortune hostess until replaced by Vanna White for the Daytime show. Vanna White is the original and only hostess for the nighttime Wheel of Fortune.

What is Vanna White known for?

Vanna White is known for a letter turner on wheel of fortune

Does Vanna white still do jeopardy?

Vanna White plays on Wheel of Fortune...not Jeopardy,hon.

Who is the current Wheel of Fortune letter turner?

Vanna White is the only letter turner for the syndicated nighttime Wheel of Fortune and Pat Sajak is the only host

Who was Vanna White's predecessor on the Wheel of Fortune?

Susan Stafford

Was Vanna White with Chuck Woolery on Wheel of Fortune?

No Vanna White did not start the Daytime Wheel of Fortune show until the year after Chuck Woolery left. Pat Sajak had already replaced Chuck Woolery in 1981 and Vanna White made her first appearance in 1982. However Pat Sajak left the daytime show in 1989 and Vanna White remained on the Daytime Wheel of Fortune until it's cancellation in 1991. Both Pat Sajak and Vanna White are the original hosts to the nighttime syndicated Wheel of Fortune show. That show will begin it's 27th season on 14 September 2009.

Who are the host and hostess for Wheel of Fortune?

Pat Sajak,and Vanna White.

Does Vanna White get paid to wear her dresses on wheel of fortune?


Are Pat and Vanna married on Wheel of Fortune?

No, they are not married to each other.

Do vanna white or pat sakak own part of wheel of fortune?

No they do not