When did toontown start?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The Toontown Online Beta was released August 2001. The Toontown Online LE (don't ask me what "LE" is, I have no idea) was released October 4, 2002. Toontown Online was officially released June 2, 2003. :)

FACT: Toontown Online has around 2.0 million players!!

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Q: When did toontown start?
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When did the skelecog HQ start in toontown?

Sorry but that hq has never started in toontown. Im not pretty sure if that hq is even going to be in toontown or not. Its what toontown decides to do.

How did toontown start?

Disney created it.

How do you unban yourself on toontown?

you can't unban yourself from toontown. you will need to make a new account and start over.

When did Toontown Online start?

BETA ended 2003. This was when Toontown officially started, although they did allow people to play during BETA.

Where is toontown centrel?

Its where you start off in. In the center of the map in your shticker book.

Which is the weakest cog on toontown?

A Flunky. This is a Bossbot Cog. Flunkys are the easiest because they are in your Toon-torial and Toontown wanted to show you an easy start with the weakest Cog.

How many laffpoints in toontown are there how many can you get?

You start at 15 laff and can go up to 137

Is there a toontown on Wii?

no there is not toontown on wii there is only toontown on the computer

Are there toontown cheats?

There are toontown cheats look on youtube :) "toontown cheats"

How do you get into your party in toontown?

Open your book and click party stuff and look for "go to party" or start party or something like that. (note: I play Toontown so I know a lot of these questions)

How do you get on old toontown?

Log in on the ToonTown page.

What is the name of the new toontown?

ToonTown Online