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The original format of the daytime show required contestants to purchase merchandise with their winnings each round. This is because the Wheel of Fortune, like all daytime shows, received revenue from the sellers of the products featured on a show.

With the move of the show to CBS in 1989, the daytime show adopted the all-cash format of the syndicated version, which had started in 1983. CBS aired daytime shows from 1989 to 1991, and NBC again had the daytime show for its final season in 1991.

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Thanks, since the old pictures are still advertising wheele of fortune, I did not know it was no longer active, thanks anyway,
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Q: When did the contestants on Wheel of Fortune stop shopping for their prizes?
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How many million dollars worth of prizes have been won on Wheel of Fortune?

"Since it's debut in 1983 Wheel of Fortune has awarded more than 190 million in cash and prizes to it's contestants" see related link

What were the first prizes on the original Wheel of Fortune?

Originally, after winning a round, contestants spent their winnings purchasing prizes that were presented onstage. Some of the prizes included the Wheel of Fortune Dalmatian Dog, Furniture, Appliances, Electronics, and Various items that sponsors wanted shown on Television

Who pays for the prizes on Wheel of Fortune?

Wheel of Fortune pays cash prizes with the revenues from the show, or some prizes are part of a commercial message that the show earns revenues from by carrying the message and offering a chance for the contestant to win the prize. The time when the contestants paid for the prizes has been over for more than twenty years

Did the early Wheel of Fortune have contestants buy prizes with their winnings?

The early daytime show did, the syndicated nighttime show never had that format.

Can you provide a complete list of past Wheel of Fortune contestants?

No Wheel of Fortune not provide that information on there contestants. There have been thousands of contestants since the Nighttime Syndicated Wheel of Fortune Began in September 1983

Can Wheel of Fortune contestants exchange trips for cash?

Wheel of Fortune, the television game show, pays to winners the prizes they have won along with the cash, or the contestants may opt for only cash. You will not as a contestant leave the show with a stack of cash like if you were in a casino. The contestants on Wheel of Fortune may not take the cash instead of a prize. The show's producers might make some allowances with some contestants and they do not have to allow you to turn down a trip and decide to take the cash. The Wheel of Fortune is also used as a name for gambling sites and you should be wary of online gambling

What contestants were on Wheel of Fortune August 16 2012?

College Students were the contestants

What company supplied prizes for Wheel of Fortunes prize store in the 1980s?

No single company provided prizes for Wheel of Fortune Daytime show in the USA. Shopping was eliminated from the Daytime show in 1989 and the nighttime show in 1987

How did Brian Pacheco do on Wheel of Fortune?

Wheel of Fortune does not give the last names of contestants like Jeopardy

Can you give me a list of contestants on Wheel of Fortune March 16 2010?

Names of the Contestants are not available on any Wheel of Fortune site. If you have a acceptable reason you might contact the Wheel of Fortune show for the information. They maintain names of the contestants because they are not allowed to reappear on the program. (see the related link)

How do you solve Wheel of Fortune puzzles?

The contestants solve the puzzles.

Do all contestants on Wheel of Fortune keep their winnings?