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Pokemon Pearl was released in the U.K. on July 27th, 2007.

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Q: When did Pokemon Pearl come out in the U.K?
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When will Pokemon Diamond and Pearl events be in the UK?

in about five months

Pokemon Pearl in coming out in UK?

Of course!! You just have to wait.

How come you can not switch out Pokemon during a battle without clicking Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl only pearl?

you have your battle mode set to "set"

Is there anything you must do for the grunt to come in Pokemon pearl?

for the grunt to come where?

How does green guy come Pokemon Pearl to get the manaphy egg?

he comes from Pokemon ranger. there is a misson for the manaphy egg. after the misson you connect it to Pokemon pearl.

Can Pokemon Diamond and Pearl trade between UK and US versions?


Pokemon choices when you start Pokemon Pearl?

choose chimchar because you rarely come across strong fire Pokemon in pearl if so very hard to find

When does pokemon platium come out in the UK?

its already out

Does cycling left and right down some street in Pokemon pearl get every Pokemon to come?


In Pokemon pearl when does the man in canalave city come to give you the flute?


Where do you find combee in Pokemon pearl?

put honey in a tree and it will come

On Pokemon pearl if you kill azelf does he come back to life?

NO it doesn't