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Hot Wheels Turbo Racing happened in 1999.

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Q: When did Hot Wheels Turbo Racing happen?
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When was Hot Wheels Turbo Racing created?

Hot Wheels Turbo Racing was created on 1999-09-22.

When did Hot Wheels Extreme Racing happen?

Hot Wheels Extreme Racing happened in 2001.

When did Hot Wheels Extreme Racing?

Hot Wheels Extreme Racing happened in 2001.

Was Fuel by Metallica on any games?

Guitar Hero of course, and then there is an old game called 'Hot Wheels: Turbo Racing' that had that song.

When was Hot Wheels Extreme Racing created?

Hot Wheels Extreme Racing was created on 2001-09-30.

What is a HWRC?

is hot wheels racing circuit

When did Planet Hot Wheels happen?

Planet Hot Wheels happened in 2001.

When did Hot Wheels Velocity X happen?

Hot Wheels Velocity X happened in 2002.

When did Hot Wheels Track Attack happen?

Hot Wheels Track Attack happened in 2010.

Hot wheels ciruit racing beta reedem codes?

just buy it

How do you get scorcher 2 in Hot Wheels Racing Circuit?

type in this code 4h354fast

How do you use turbo on Hot Wheels Micro Racers?

Just press SHIFT key...