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Boom Blox Bash Party happened in 2009.

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Q: When did Boom Blox Bash Party happen?
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When was Boom Blox Bash Party created?

Boom Blox Bash Party was created on 2009-05-19.

When did Boom Blox happen?

Boom Blox happened in 2008.

Does boom blox bash party have different slots which you can save in?

yes, you can choose from like 6 slots to save.

How do you make magnet blox in boom blox bash party?

just go to download levels, find a level with them, save it, edit it, hi-lite the magnet block/blocks and save a custom set of it.

How do you make the trasparent blox in boom blox bash party?

Just go to one of the space miner levels and click the edit button.Then scale the big transparent block down to a small size and save it as a set.

What are some cheats for boom blox bash party?

yes,if you go to the title screen where you press a and b,instead press:up,right,down,left and type in:Bailout for 1 million boom bux,or rainbow blox for all colored blox.(It's really just when you put down a block,it will turn in to a random colored block.)

When was Boom Blox created?

Boom Blox was created on 2008-05-06.

How do you make a ball blox in boom blox bash party?

You need to have unlocked the gem miner bonus in the space levels. Go to the level called space dryer, hit +, highlight a ball, and save it on the custom sets. Now you can use it any time you want. thanks man!

What are the release dates for Boom Blox - 2008 VG?

Boom Blox - 2008 VG was released on: USA: May 2008

How do you hack blocks on Boom Blox Bash party blocks?

You have to have the Homebrew channel, an illegal hacking service for the Nintendo Wii. i do not recommend getting it. Instead of illegally hacking your Wii, just download certain levels online. JReflex93 has some levels that have hacked blocks in them. just save the level and edit it, save all the blox you want in a Custum Set. presto! you have your hacked blox. the best part is that it is FULLY LEGAL.

How many levels are in boom blox?


What actors and actresses appeared in Boom Blox - 2008?

The cast of Boom Blox - 2008 includes: Zach McGowan as Cowboy Beaver Stephen Stanton as Various