When did Atem and Anzu kiss?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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They never kissed.

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Q: When did Atem and Anzu kiss?
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Is Atem seriously in love with Anzu?


Is Anzu a witch?

Yes, I think Anzu was going to war her throne against Pharaoh Atem's throne! I can't believe Atem and Anzu once kissed! They are not the perfect couple anymore!

Has Atem and Anzu kissed?

They never kissed.

Who does Atem belong with?

Tea GArdner or Anzu Masaki

Is Atem and Anzu really in love?

Atem hasn't shown any love for Anzu in the series, but, I did find a picture of their forever love. I'm a girl who is Atem crazy and I was jealous after I saw it. There's a link below of the picture.

Does Atem like Mana better or Anzu better?

He only sees them as friends.

Who is atem's girlfriend?

I don't think Atem has a girlfriend because there is Anzu and Mana. He likes both girls. So, I don't think he has one.

Does atem like anzu more than just friends?

No. He only sees her as a friend.

In Yugioh did Mana kiss Atem?

No, Mana does not kiss Atem.

Does Atem and Tea kiss in the English anime or the Japanese anime?

Atem and Tea did not kiss at all.

Do atem and tea kiss?


Were Atem and Anzu really going out on a date in episode 53?

No way! Yugi just needed Anzu to help Atem figure out his past because remember, he forgot everything! Don't believe me? Watch this video about it in English! Check the link. Click on the Mirror (Videozer) link to watch it because that is the only link that works!