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Q: When did A-levels and o-levels start?
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Is matric system best or o level?


How do you say Alevels in German?

The German equivalent of A-Levels is Abitur.

Where to find result of June 2008 olevels private candidates?

What is Nigeria equivalent of gcse?

O Levels.

Can you do Alevels and a Btec course at the same time?


What books are used olevels 8th class at Cadet college hassanabdal?


How do you get straight A in olevels?

Some people start studying from November but i suggest to have a tutor and start studying hard from Jan onwards till May. Complete Your subjects till march by giving tests and then start attempting past papers and you will get good grades. Warning : This is just for the first year

Who is the king of Pakistan?

King of Pakistan is none other than Saad Ashraf. he is the one who made world record of securing 22 A*s in olevels! he is awesome man and girls are after him!

How many alevels do you need to have to work for guide dogs?

Depends on the org. Different schools have various jobs which require different levels of education. A strong background in Animal Behavior is recommended for trainers.

Are you able to get in to teaching collage with 2 alevels and a btech?

These help towards securing a place on a teaching course. However, the things that they are really going to want are your English and Maths at C grade. If you don't have these, you may be expected to enter at Level 2.

What is better Alevel of GCSE?

Well, A-level is the more advanced, being taken at college or sixth form, afetr your GCSEs. However, your GCSEs are also important, as both employers and universities take your GCSE and A levels into consideration. It is common to take around 10 GCSEs and 3-4 Alevels.

What subjects do you need at A level to be a geologist?

Most British universities like you to have at least one science at A level, so chose subjects which will allow you to do this. History is a good one as it teaches you about the value of sources. When it comes down to it though, your choice of Alevels will be far more important. You need to take science history and goegraphy