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after you deliver oaks' parcel then you go to vermilion city in the Pokemon center

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Q: When can you trade in Pokemon Yellow?
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Can you trade Pokemon from Pokemon yellow to Pokemon yellow?

Yes you can trade Pokémon between two Pokémon Yellow games.

How do you catch meowth in Pokemon Yellow?

Meowth is not in the wild in Pokemon Yellow. You have to trade to get it

Can you trade Pokemon LeafGreen Pokemon to Pokemon Yellow?

No. They are different generations, so they can't trade.

Can you trade Pokemon from yellow to Pokemon colesseum?

You cannot trade Pokemon to Pokemon Colosseum, but you can trade the Lugia you catch to Ruby or Sapphire.

Can Pokemon Blue trade with Pokemon Yellow?


Does Pokemon Yellow have Meowth and were can you find it?

Pokemon Yellow does not have meowth and it can only be obtained by trade.

Can you trade Pokemon from the original Pokemon Yellow to Pokemon platinum on the DS?


How are you able to trade in Pokemon Yellow?

One can trade in Pokemon Yellow via link cable. Two Gameboy consoles can be connected via link cable and Pokemon can be traded across Pokemon Blue, Red, or Yellow.

Where are the people who trade with you in Pokemon Yellow?

The third pokemon center

How do you trade between Pokemon Emerald and Pokemon Yellow?

You can't

On Pokemon Yellow were do you go to get a electabuzz?

Trade, neither Electabuzz nor Magmar are in Pokemon yellow

How do you trade in Pokemon Yellow to gold?

you have to get a life!!