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In the bug catching contests held in national park on tuesdays thursdays and saturdays but it's a bit rare.

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Q: When can you find Scyther in national park in Pokemon?
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Where can you catch Scyther in Pokemon Silver?

national park

What Pokemon learn false swipes in Pokemon Crystal?

Scyther, who can be found at the national park.

Pokemon soul silver what Pokemon can you find in the national park?

the most rare Pokemon in national park are none none are there but in the bug catching contest the rare Pokemon are dustox, scyther,pinsir, and venonat.

Where and what time of day can you find a Scyther in Pokemon Pearl?

easy-find someone with it and thn migrate it- find it in the pal park all day scyther is not in Pokemon pearl

Where do you get a sleythar in Pokemon HeartGold?

Scyther can be captured during the bug catching contest in the national park.

Where do you get scyther HeartGold?

You can find Scyther in the National Park, but only at Tuesdays, Thursdays and maybe Saturdays at the Bug-cathing contest.

How do you catch a Scyther in Pokemon SoulSilver?

no but i think you can trade it from firered or leafgreen.

Where can you get scyther in soul silver?

Scyther can be found at the National Park during the bug catching contest. It's very rare to find a Scyther though (about a 5% chance). Google, my friend.

Where can you find a Scyther on pokemon pearl?

You'll need to trade from Pokemon Diamond, or migrate it from the Gameboy Advance games to the Pal Park.

Can you catch scyther in heartgold?

You can catch Scyther in the National Park during the Bug-Catching Contest.

Where do you get syther in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You can catch scyther at the national park at the bug-catching contest on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Hope this helped.

Can you get scytcher on Pokemon SoulSilver?

Yes, you can catch Scyther when you participate in the Bug Catching Contest in the National Park (5% encounter rate).