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You can buy a film studio on pawn island it cost $60,000, also you can get $7,000 for its profit.

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Q: When can you buy the film studio in GTA Vice City?
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Were is the film studio on gta vice city stories?

The film studio in gta vice city is at the Prawn island.The island is behind north point mall there is a bridge by which you can go there.

Where is the film studio in gta vice city in psp?

on prawn island

What is the gta vice city's airplane cheat?

There is no cheat for airplane.You can get the only plane in vice city at The film Studio.

Where can you find private aeroplane in GTA vice city?

Prawn Island Film studio

What is the code of airplan in gta vice city?

No there is no cheats for airplane.You can Get it at the back of film Studio.

How do you get a sea plane in gta vice city?

You can get the sea plane in vice city.The plane is at the film studio on the island.

Where you can get airplane in gta vice city?

You can find a airplane at the Film studio.Go to the back side of the studio.

Where you get that you can fly in gta vice city psp?

You get that to from the city.You can find the plane at the backside of film studio.

What is the cheat for an airplane in vice city for ps2?

There is no cheat for plane in gta vice city.You can find plane at the film studio.

Where do you get a plane in gta vice city stories psp?

You need to go the film studio on pawn island.You will find and the back of studio.

How do you get an airplane in gta vice city stories?

There is one plane in the game.The plane is parked at the film studio.

How do you get the seaplane in Grand Theft Auto Vice City?

You can get the seaplane in GTA vice city after completion of mission dildo dodo in the backyard of film studio.