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go to a Pokemon center in New YORK or visit, bulbagarden, or which all update you on the information recently you could have got a shiny celibi, raiko, suicune, entei at GameStop

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Q: When are the Pokemon Wi-Fi events in Pokemon Pearl?
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How do you get on to Pokemon pearl WiFi events?

you have to go onto the home page thing that says start game/ new game/ wifi. you go in to wifi and put in your wifi code.

Where are the Pokemon events?

Pokemon events allow you download gifts through wifi onto your pokemon game.

Where do you get mystery gift in Pokemon pearl?

to get mystery gifts you have to go to events on Nintendo wifi if you have already got a mystery gift in game then go to a pokemart

Where can you buy the WiFi connector for Pokemon Pearl?

game stop

Do you need wifi to get gifts in Pokemon for events?

Yes you do.

In Pokemon WiFi battles are you able to face Diamond players with pearl Players?

Of course you can. I played my Pokemon Diamond with my cousin that has Pearl.

How do you get into the globle tradnig center in Pokemon pearl?

you have to have wifi connection to enter

What do you do if Mystery Gift isn't working in Pokemon Pearl?

check wifi

How much Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver wifi events are there?


Is there a code for Pokemon Pearl to reset the WiFi battle records?

there isn't 1

How do you get heaten if you defeated it the first time on Pokemon pearl?

try using wifi

How do you get a membercard in Pokemon pearl?

get mystrey gift.and get from ither a friend wifi or wfc