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25 feet to the front or 200 feet to the rear of the aircraft

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Q: When an aircraft's engines is are operating or being started no vehicle will be driven closer than?
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What vehicles use air cooled engines?

Motorcycles and Aircrafts are two of the main vehicles that uses an air cooled engines. They use this feature since they normally have smaller engines then a normal moving vehicle.

No vehicle shall drive closer than 200 feet in the rear of a fighter aircraft when engines are running or about to be started This distance increases when operating behind a heavy aircraft to?


What is vehicle operating space?

Vehicle operating space is the area around the vehicle that cannot be seen from the driver's seat.

When an aircraft's engine is operating or being started no vehicle will be driven closer than?

25 feet to the front, 200 feet to the rear

How do you get all of the vessels aircrafts and vehicles from San Andreas?

finish the game to 50% then every vehicle will de unlocked

What is vehicle exhaust?

Vehicle exhaust is the gas emitted from engines after combustion.

What does it mean when a vehicle functions?

It means the vehicle is operating like it should.

What is considered operating a vehicle?

If you are seated in the drivers seat of the vehicle in question AND - the key is in the ignition - or on your person - or within your reach - regardless of whether the vehicle's engine is running or not, you are considered to be "in control" of the vehicle and therefore "operating" it.

Do engines transport materials?

If there mounted in a vehicle, they do, either cargo, people and the vehicle itself.

What vehicle has pistons?

All vehicles with piston engines.

What is the difference between a vehicle engine and a marine motors?

Boat engines are built to hold high rpms (revolutions per minute) for long periods of time. Vehicle engines are not built for high rps or most of the anyways. Vehicle engines also have more torque the marine engine.

What if you didn't have steam engines?

If we didn't have steam engine the dirt of the vehicle will not go out and will be stored in the vehicle and the vehicle will not work well