When Do sims die in Sims 3?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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they die when you dont feed them for a few hours, or if you dont let them go to the toilet every 5 mins


They can also die of drowning, electrocution, or of old age.

To prevent them from dying of old age, you can either 1- unenable aging in options-game options or 2- spend 70,000 lifetime happiness points and buy a potion that takes them back to a young adult or adult. and let me tell you, gathering 70,000 lifetime happiness points is not easy.

To prevent them from drowning, simply DO NOT SWIM WHILE FATIGUED. You can get fatigued by too much eating, too much excercise, or pregnancy. You will get a moodlet that says "Drowning".

To prevent from electrocution, do not repair something electronic ( such as an oven, dishwasher, computer, laundry cleaner or dryer, etc ) right after swimming, going in the hot tub, sliding down a water slide, taking a bath, washing your hands, or while fatigued. personally i would just call the repairman for the 50 simoleons.

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Q: When Do sims die in Sims 3?
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Yes, they can.

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Yes the sims die. Like in all EA sims games your sim dies.

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Yes, sims can have kids with ghosts and sism CAN die while they are preggers but if you have more then 8 sims at a time be carful becuase they have stuff in our stomick.

How do you kill sims on Sims 3 wii?

there are many ways that sims can die or be killed on the sims 3 wii,here are some reasons:flies,drowning,fire,electrcution,and old age

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What is the difference in Sims 2 and Sims 3?

The graphics are different, in Sims 3 there are no loading screens and the Sims age even if you aren't playing them, Sims 2 you can follow them into public lots in Sims 3 you can't. and on the Sims 2 you can see the Sims naked but on the Sims 3 they blur it out