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Unfortunately, Scyther is only available in FireRed version through the Celadon City Game Corner or in the Safari Zone in the Entrance and Area 1, so the only way to get one in LeafGreen is to trade with a person that has one.

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Q: Whats the best place to catch Scyther in the safari zone leaf green?
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What can you find Scyther in Pokemon leef green?

Most likely the Safari Zone

Can you catch Scyther in Pokemon Ruby or sapphire?

you can not catch scyther in Pokemon ruby,emerald or sapphire . you have to trade them from Pokemon fire red or leaf green.

How do you catch Scyther in Pokemon Emerald?

Trade It From Pokemon Fire Red Or Leaf Green

In Pokemon firered can you catch Pinsir in the safari zone?

No. Pinsir is a LEAF GREEN exclusive. You need to trade with Leaf Green. You can catch it in the Safari Zone or you can buy one in the Game Corner in Celadon City.

Can you catch a donphan in victory road?

no only the safari zone emerald or safari zone in fire red and leaf green

Whats the best place to find a tauros in the safari zone on Pokemon leaf green?

TaurosGo to Area 3 of the Safari Zone. In the grass there is a 4% chance that when a Pokemon appears it will be Tauros.

Where do you find Scyther in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You can get it in Leaf Green in the safari zone but it is hard to find, so it would be easier to trade it from Fire Red. you could also get it from the game corner as a prize trade in your coins for it. PS i pone at Pokemon my team is rhydon metagross scyther sceptile salamence toxicroak

Scyther in Pokemon FireRed?

Scyther can only be obtained in leaf green by trading it from fire red or colleseum. It evolves into Scizor when you trade it with metal coat. :)

Where is Scyther on Pokemon Pearl?

Well you can get it from heart gold by migrating from leaf green safari zone by lomay Pokemon expert actually you can get one but you'll be lucky if you do its found on route 229 in Pokemon pearl good luck

Where do you catch houndour in emarald?

yyou catch it in the part of Pokemon safari only mach bike can reach. No in the safari zone there is a special area that opens only after beating the elite four it is somewhere nearby the entrance and there is a guy in green nearby it. In this special area you can catch many johto Pokemon like mareep and gligar.

What Pokemon can you catch on fire red that you can't catch on leaf green?

Ekans(Replaces Sandshrew) Growlithe( Replaces Vulpix) Shellder( Replaces Staryu) Oddish( Replaces Bellsprout), Murkrow( Replaces Misdreavus)Scyther( Replaces Pinsir) Wooper ( Replaces Remoraid)

What Pokemon can you get in FireRed that you cant get in leaf green?

The Pokemon you can get in fire red and not leaf green are Electabuzz and Scyther.